Report By : Neko-chan【黒貓】

Photos By : Syafiqah Hamid

Photo & Video By : YukiGrace

In recent years there has been many notable large-scale Japanese events held here in Singapore. One of the largest event would be Anime Festival Asia (AFA). Running since 2008, it has gradually propelled itself to record attendance each year with a growing number of Japanese artists performing annually. With the opening of AFA Official Shop, we kick start 2012 with a special Live event, which arguably be the most enjoyable event for AFA fans.

5th of February 2012, O.V.Ahito is honored to be invited to perform at AFA Spring Taikai (春大会) in collaboration with *SCAPE Confession J-ROCK Edition. Although the event seems to be much smaller compared to previous AFA gatherings, to me it was more intimate and fans get to see their favorite Japanese idols up-close and personal. Who are these Japanese idols? We are talking of course about the official ambassador of AFA, KANAME
! And two very famous ニコニコ動画(原宿) singers, Gero げろ and DASOKU 蛇足! Most of the fans of these idols would more of less have an idea of how they are on stage or when they’re having their special live broadcast on ニコニコ動画(原宿). But how are they actually off-camera? I’m sure most fans would very much like to know about the details, yes? HeHeHe. Join me on my backstage adventure at AFA Spring Taikai (春大会).

 We arrived earlier at location studio for full set-list rehearsal.
After rehearsal we waited for to get into dressing room. Many fans after hand-shake with 3 Japanese VIPs.
We finally inside dressing room. Getting ready.
Our Director of Photography Kailiさん preparing to record the event
While O.V.Ahito is preparing, KANAME☆, Gero げろ and DASOKU 蛇足 having talk show rehearsal.
Finally our friend QUIS has arrived at dressing room ^_^

さん meeting with KANAME☆さん for 1st time.
KANAME☆さん with our 1st アニバーサリー SPECIAL THANKS DVD!

Now Directorさん is even more shocked ≧∇≦! We are happy to meet such a friendly AFA Ambassador!
It's the band's turn to sound-check.
Our Staff takes some photos with QUIS while OVAhito sound-check
The awkward moment when they had to shake hands twice!

Izuさん wants to be a part of D.K.G band!? XD
Giving our 1st アニバーサリー SPECIAL THANKS DVD to our gracious guest ^^
Fans all seated waiting in anticipation for show to start!
Show starts! So many beautiful Lights!
2 Band Leaders Allan (O.V.Ahito) & Sean (QUIS) photo with Gero-san after their performance.
This was made by a sweet fan♥

We are joined by our friends supporting us at the event ^_^ !
We finally got to our dressing room. We are sharing with our friends from QUIS ^^
SiDさん has 2 lovely make-up artist to get him ready ^_^
Iruさん (AriesKaizer) assisting us with sound set-up.
They were a lot of fun to watch even while rehearsing especially
Gero げろ
さん ^_^
A funny story, Our TS Director ASKA飛鳥 ran into KANAME☆ while in toilet. Below is his account meeting KANAME☆さん for 1st time.

ASKA飛鳥 Meets

I wasn't sure what to expect from all the Japanese artist as I am not familiar with them. I was afraid they might be unfriendly so I didn't talk to them much. I instructed my staff not to talk to them while they are preparing. I went in backstage toilet I notice KANAME☆さん was inside. So I'd mind my own business & freshen up. When I looked up at the mirror, he was like waiting to greet me & I was delightfully surprised he was so friendly ^_^ We introduced ourselves in the toilet & he corrected my poor Japanese. I said, my Japanese sucks, but he insist that it's passable LOL! Then the funny part comes when I'd asked him to wait in the toilet so I can get Allan Valentino & a copy of O.V.Ahito DVD to give him. He really waited in the toilet ≧∇≦ When we both came, It was really funny. Because he's standing at the toilet doorway & both of us were at the entrance. The 3 of us laughed when I said in Japanese, "why are we all meeting in the toilet?" ≧∇≦

This was something unexpected. You can see the surprise expression on our Director's face. ●´∀`●
It's back to serious business.
O.V.Ahito - OFF-Shot - Sound Check

After sound-check We have Before Live Interview with Ruby!

O.V.Ahito Meets KANAMEGero げろ and DASOKU 蛇足
We were called by the organizers to officially meet the stars of the show. We lined-up to shake hands with KANAME☆ & Gero げ, but where is DASOKU 蛇足? Apparently, he'd lined up behind us & shook hands with his fellow country-men! XD Geroさん was like " ΄◉◞౪◟◉‵) Yeah . . . You Japanese!? " to DASOKUさん. Overall DASOKUさん was very quiet backstage & didn't interacted much. But It was nice to see the humorous side of him in the video. Izuさん asked them how was Singapore for them. Gero-san replied it's very warm but is happy to be here. DASOKUさん complimented on Izuさん's fluent Japanese but Izuさん modestly declined & said he's still learning & can't serve as translator. Geroさん then said "Maybe next time the 3 of us should start a band together" DASOKUさん then told Geroさん "You should be the bass player" Gero immediately replied "No No! I'm the Singer!" Izuさん interject asked to be in the band as the 4th member XD Allan-san Was already giving the "No No" finger as Gero-san was gesturing "What about O.V.Ahito!?" XD

Leader-sama passing a small gift to Geroさん ^^
Exchanging Hi5s! with them ^_^

O.V.A Huddle before we go on stage to Rock it out!
You can watch the full DVD version of OVAhito live, behind the scenes clips & more! Release 26th March 2012

It's a wonderful surreal feeling . . .

Kaname-san autographed our Staff's PB ^^

Last but not least our hard working Table Studioスタッフ! どうも ありがとう!
Thank you for making the event a success!